Your Solution For Home Improvement And Home Repair

We provide a level of class that will make your home or office space warm and inviting, yet elegant. Our work isn’t just our job, it’s our passion. We are dedicated to creating spaces that are truly a work of art. Although our passion is to be known for exquisite craftsmanship, we also believe that your final product should stand the test of time.

Bathroom and Beauty Room Remodel

When rejuvenating a bathroom it is best to renovate all associated rooms. Doing so we can match the spaces allowing for a unified atmosphere for your daily enjoyment.

TV and Fireplace Remodel

We redesigned this living room corner to be look fresh and be more accommodating for today’s entertainment centers.

Complete Bathroom Renovation

Imagine the feeling of a luxurious feeling of bubble bath or glorious shower. The feeling is decadent and relaxing. Now, what do you see when you look at your bathroom? If your existing bathroom décor doesn’t evoke that same pampered feeling, then perhaps it’s time to update your surroundings. It’s time for that truly sumptuous space. For inspiring bathtubs and sleek vanity units, to enviable showers and décor OxRem has the decades of experience transforming spaces to lavish indulgence.

Complete Kitchen Remodel

We redesigned this kitchen to be sleeker, more modern, more and spacious. There’s nothing worse than a cramped kitchen. The remodel left this kitchen more comfortable and almost unrecognizable.